The iPhone 5 has mapping issues

One of the biggest complaints regarding the brand new Apple iPhone 5 is the iOS 6.0 maps application. Apple is making a big attempt at decoupling themselves from Google and the first step in doing this was to get their own mapping application to replace the very popular Google Maps.

Google Maps is such an advanced and detailed application that any attempt to replace it would be met with negativity.

The new Apple maps application really does not stack up when compared to Google Maps.

A surprising survey however, has shown that iPhone users aren’t too fussed with the poor app and satisfaction ratings are little changed when compared with the iPhone 4S.

Google had previously had a contract to supply the maps application to Apple for a longer period however were informed by Apple that the relationship was no longer needed.

In Australia, the iPhone 5 has sold incredibly well and considering the iPhone 5 is more expensive that the iPhone 4S, this is a good achievement.

To get a better deal on the iPhone 5, you will need either a Virgin promo code or Vodafone promo code to reduce the cost.

Australia’s initial supply of iPHone 5′s are now sold out.


The man who stopped a fight while eating chips

The Snack Man saves the world one fight at a time. This is the amusing story of the man who stopped a fight in the subway by eating a snack.

When Charles Sonder saw two people on the subway kicking and hitting each other, he decided to diffuse the situation in a way that not many people would have expected. He used his big frame to walk in between the two people and calmly ate his packet of chips. This gesture along with the help of another woman helped diffuse the situation and ensured that no more violence was displayed.

Every since the video was shown, Charles has received many messages from adoring fans and some have even gone as far as proposing to him.