A little history on wine

Wine is a beverage which is usually alcoholic and is made from a fermentation process of fruit. The most popular fruit that is used to make wine is grapes because they ferment without requiring the creator to add sugars, enzymes or acids.

Yeast in the process will actually consume the sugar in the grapes and convert it to alcohol. The type of yeast within the grape will yield a different type of wine.

Wine has been around for thousands of years and was especially popular in ancient Greece.

Wine is usually made from a grape variety called Vitis Vinifera. In fact, any type of grape can be used however some produce better results than others.

Wine is often placed in a particular vintage, meaning the year that the grape was mostly grown. This means that the character of the win can vary year to year depending on the quality of the grapes that year.

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The iPhone 5 to feature LTE

t has been reported that the new iPhone, the iphone 5, will feature 4G LTE which will be compatible with 4G / LTE networks worldwide.

The iPad 3 only worked on a number of 4G / LTE networks around the world and therefore users could not utilise the device to it’s full potential.

The new iPhone 5 is expected to increase in size from 3.5 inches to a new 5 inch display.

To support the new screen and the LTE capability, it is tipped that the new iPhone will also have a bigger 5.45 watt battery.

The new iPhone 5 is also expected to come into a price point that matches the current price of the iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 plans will likely be on par in price to the iPhone 4S as well.

Another rumour floating around is that the Apple 30 pin docking port is to be replaced with a smaller 19 pin connector. This will annoy thousands around the world who have purchased devices that have relied on this 30 pin connector.


All about adelaide

Adelaide is considered one of the best cities in the world to live in and even ranks in the top 10 of places to live.

The city is small, yet is full of character and has many distinctive areas which allow you to experience something truly unique and different to the rest of the city.

The population of the city is over one million and many affectionately call the city the 20 minute city because you can get to basically anywhere around the city in 20 minutes.

The city was founded in 1863 by Colonel light. A statue of him overlooks the city. The city is laid out in an easy to navigate grid format.

The city has large areas of heritage listed park lands and it is well worth while visiting these park lands.

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